You first met her HERE, and now Ava is a whopping 3 (almost 4) months! When I come to a family session, I not only marvel at the growth of the child I'm photographing, but I love watching parents and their evolution. I can say this because I've been there now, but when holding a newborn for the first time, you're awkward and still getting to know your child. The learning of your child never stops, but Jen & Jason are doing so well at figuring out Ava. They were telling me about her "classic faces", her chunks and gestures, and everything she can do now. Here's a little bit of our time together: 

I started by scoping out our spot for the morning and finding interesting niches around the gardens in Altoona.

some classic faces: 

Our morning session fell a little before her morning nap time, but gradually Ava went to Dreamville and was equally sweet to photograph:

Jen + Jason: You guys are incredible! Jen thought of everything possible to bring to help with our session and Jason-what a trooper and supporter! Thank you so much for trusting me to document Ava and her milestones. It means the world and I'm so grateful for our friendship!



PS. You can view the remainder of our session together HERE