I walked into their home and I saw photos of their children in puffy sleeved dresses and the boys in suspenders, the toddler version of dressed up, for their family photos. The photo paper was beginning to fade from sun exposure and I looked at their children who are currently high schoolers. "When was the last time you had family photos taken?" I asked. Their daughter laughed and said, "When those were taken." It had to have been at least a decade before our current conversation. It reinstated the importance of what I do for the families I'm blessed to photograph. 

I help them mark history.

I help them document milestones.

Together, we commemorate momentous occasions

A friend of mine attended her friend's funeral. The friend had died much too young, losing her battle with cancer. The only photos the family had on display were from a decade before her battle with cancer started. The children were toddlers in the photos and I now see her children in middle school and high school. 

They have NO photos of the years in between. 

If I could shout it from rooftops, I would jump up there in the sleet and snow! If I could shout it from mountain tops, I would climb Everest! 


Yes, we are all at least a little bit uncomfortable in front of a camera. It's my job to take care of that awkwardness and help you feel at ease. Yes, it does cost some money. It's my job to make the prices accessible for you and leave you feeling the images were worth the investment. Yes, it takes time and energy. Again, it's my job to help you feel it was worth it. For your spouse, for your children and the generations to come. IT IS WORTH IT.

Even if, like Laidy, your cheeks get tired from the smiling and you make silly faces: 

Most of our family had been together the Christmas of 2013, but we were missing Eric, my brother-in-law, as he was serving in South Korea. So, since our actual entire family had been together, we'd added 3 grandchildren! Yes, we took photos last Christmas with everyone who was in attendance, but this year was especially special because EVERYONE was present. We had to document it!

On a whim, I found some matching outfits for the kiddos at Old Navy (no this is not a sponsored post) and told the adults to go for cream, white, navy or khaki. We all packed what we could and above is what came of it. Everyone present, accounted for, trying to get 4 kiddos to look at a camera on a tripod without any entertainment behind it to entice them. I think it came out beautifully, not just from a photographer critique standpoint, but because I deeply love the subjects smiling back at me. 

This is the kind of emotion that is behind your family photos when I take them too. 

So, please, schedule your family or senior session to document a special occasion. And just being together is enough of a special occasion to whip the camera out. Even if you don't book with me (of course, I would love you to book with me, but I know you have many choices out there), GET IT DONE THIS YEAR. 

Existing in photos for my family and booking session for 2015,