Sometimes, when I feel like I'm drowning, on the verge of a pity-party, or I'm just not satisfied with where things sit (c'mon ladies, you know you've been there too), it helps me to reflect back on the year, not only to see God's goodness (though that's certainly enough!) but also to see how far we've come as a family, a couple, me as a business owner, and us as homeowners.   For the sake of brevity here today, I'll give you a snapshot of just the photography side of our lives...

Participated in Help Portrait.

Shifted from Zenfolio and moved to Pixieset with high quality prints and uber-fast service from WHCC.

We still use Groovebook and continue to love it (especially for Oma/Papa and Grandma & Grandpa.)

I will continue to be the team photog for Walnut Creek's Upwards program alongside dozens of volunteers.

Carrie Krupke Photography, LLC got a HUGE facelift thanks to Bobby Lauritson.

Goodbye Blogspot blog

I can now take credit card payments and you can pay with an online invoice option, courtesy of

Some of my photos were featured on Twice

A record year: record number of newborns, weddings, seniors and a whopping 17 new family clients. (I LOVE making new friends and meeting new people!) 

Encountered great encouragement from The Grays.

I now offer albums for senior clients, giving them a more rounded experience and memorializing their once-in-a-lifetime achievement. 

Phew! I'm tired just looking at all of that! 2014 has been a great year, a blessed year, and I'm so excited to tweak a few things to make 2015 even better for YOU and for your experience with my camera. THANK YOU doesn't even come close, but, seriously friends, thank you. I wouldn't be where I am today without you.

Now booking session for this year!

Cheers to a fantastic 2015,