I've always said, "I'm not a product-based photographer." My clients have greatly enjoyed the freedom of an online gallery in a mobile-device-friendly environment and they have the freedom to order prints and canvases from that gallery. My Pixieset gallery prints through a lab based in Minnesota called White House Custom Color (WHCC). They ship orders directly to my clients with no sweat, no fuss. Easy-peasy. And with Jimmy John's-fast lightning speed.

Then, I got THE email. 

A parent emailed me that they loved the photos I'd taken of their senior, had chosen their favorites, and then asked that dreaded question, "Now what?" 

If ever there was a client/friend to try this out on, this family was IT. I emailed Mom back and let her know that I was new to the next step, but if they could be patient with me, we'd figure it out together. I spent an afternoon of my Thanksgiving break designing some sample albums, making several phone calls to  White House Custom Color (WHCC) to make sure I'd designed with the right template, sent it through ROES (their ordering software) correctly etc.... In a matter of a few hours, the hardest part was over! 

Mom, senior, and I set up a time to meet (at my home's kitchen table while Gerard tried to put Laidy to bed, no less) and we went through their options. An hour later, both headed to their car pleased with their choices and I was ecstatic to get to designing a beautiful product for them. 

If you are a senior or a parent of a senior, here is what you can expect your senior album from WHCC, designed by Carrie Krupke Photography, LLC, to look like!!

No, I'm still not a "product-based" photographer. But offering this option at the end of your session helps round out your experience with me with a high quality heirloom. This puts a solid stamp on such a monumental achievement in your student's life and I couldn't be more excited about offering my clients such a beautiful product.