It's rare that you meet someone who exudes a certain self-confidence to the point that makes you feel comfortable in your own skin too. It's even rare-er to find that in two people that happen to be at the same photo session and (gasp!) married to each other. Mark & Deanna are two such lovely people and they are blessed with three amazing sons: Paul, Colin & Trent. 

We started in one spot while the sun was behind the clouds. Low and behold, the sun came out shortly thereafter and some in the family have super sensitive eyes, so it became some squinties galore. Whomp whomp. So we moved onto plan B & C!! :)

Our location for Plan C hit the jackpot in the shade !!

A few of just the boys, then with Deanna & then the lovebirds who started it all. :) 

Mark + Deanna: You guys are so wonderful to know! It is such a joy to photograph your family and get to know you all more. Thank you so much for having me, not only for Paul's photos, but for your's as well. What an absolute pleasure!



PS You can view more of our time together HERE