You first met this sweet family last fall on a balmy December Saturday. Somehow, that day was 56degrees and felt like a sauna comparatively for the rest of a typical Iowa winter. This year, Amber contacted me sooner and we got her in a month earlier! Thankfully, we still had leaves on the trees and a gorgeous backdrop at Drake (several of my families this year have requested the colors and architecture Drake has to offer and I'm happy to oblige!)

When you have a 4yr old and a 2yr old, we use goldfish, running, and gathering leaves as bribery for our best results. Beckett + Reid did fabulously and enjoyed the running most:

See that goldfish there? in the photo above? ;) It's all a balancing act as the photo below will attest, and then we headed to the other side of Sheslow Auditorium for some extra jumping and tickling...

Amber + Ben: Thank you so much for having me again! I always enjoy seeing how your boys have grown, changed and what their likes and dislikes are. They were troopers and you both did a fantastic job corralling them and just rolling with the punches. I appreciate you both and your approach to photo sessions so much! 

See you next year!

PS You can view the rest of our time together HERE