Mary and her boys were on an outing to McDonald's and while they were playing in the PlayZone, Mary got to talking with another mom of twin girls that are just about the same age as Emmett + Oliver. Casually mentioning that they needed to get their family photos taken, Mary received my name from Tricia and booked me right away. The crazier part of the story is that I hadn't even taken Tricia's family photos yet-but I had taken Tricia's sister's family two years in a row. (Confused yet?) Here's the "6-degrees-of-separation" for you: 


What's even crazier is that when Amy referred Tracy my way, I hadn't ever photographed Amy's family either! I'm humbled and honored that people trust me with their family's memories so strongly. It's a privilege I don't take lightly. And I love widening my circles of friends! Without any further's Mary + Andrew with their boys Emmett + Oliver.

Des Moines had just gotten about 4-5 inches of snow the night before our session was slated to start, so we opted for mostly indoors, in their gorgeous home with almost floor-to-ceiling windows and ended with just a few outside to make the season of the year.

Oh my goodness, these two will be heart-breakers some day!

Outdoors we ventured!

Mary + Andrew: Thank you so much for having me! I had a wonderful time getting to know your boys and hearing all the stories of your travels. It was another great reminder that photos really do tell a deeper story than meets the eye and do more than trigger memories. They end up being a part of your heart. I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving and have a wonderful Merry Christmas!


PS You can view more of their session HERE