Oh, how far in my history this friend and I go. Stories dating back to the 90s could be an entire blog all on its own.  We've seen each other through a fair share of struggles, boys, marriage, and now, we get to do Motherhood together too. Jenn started as the older sister of a friend of mine and our families did Girl Scouting, swimming and school together. As a chaperone on some of our scouting camping trips, I got to know Jenn around campfires and s'mores. We kept in touch while I was in college and when Jenn met Frank, I knew her life had just gotten a whole lot richer. 

After a walk down the aisle and a few years, in comes Taylor Dean. And the rich just got richer. ;) 

While I was in California for Thanksgiving a week ago, Jenn & I got together with my camera. The only downside to shooting a beautiful family in lovely California? We didn't have 3+ hours to chat on the couch! 

We met at Irvine Park in Orange County where they have fun activities for the holidays for families: pony rides, train rides, a Christmas tree farm....but it also has these lovely nooks and crannies that are perfect for family photos!!

Just a few more family photos...I don't think I've ever seen Jenn so happy and that makes my heart sing!

Jenn + Frank: I can not believe you have finally been in front of my camera! What an honor and lovely time for me!  I've never seen you happier and I can't wait to actually have an hour (or 3!) to more fully catch up over Christmas.  
All my love and blessings, 


PS You can view the rest of their southern California session HERE

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