For the fourth year now, a couple Saturdays in a row, we gear up and photograph our church's Upwards Basketball League. Volunteers are the engine that help this league and these days of team photos run smoothly. We literally couldn't get it done without them! So, every year, I enjoy getting a few behind the scenes shots to highlight our awesome volunteers and any antics that may occur in the down time between game sets. 

Here's what we captured this year!

A few teams were particularly entertaining as I gave them different things to say to get them all smiling. I believe this team was shouting "QUACK" because they were the Ducks (being a California girl, I called them the Mighty Ducks).  And sometimes, the coaches are the main source of entertainment. The last team had mis-heard me: I tell the kiddos to have their "bums up" off their feet, so they're standing on their knees in the front row. They must've heard "thumbs up". We kept it.

My favorite visitor of the day? Each Saturday, Gerard brought this little peanut and she was ready to pose for her close-up. 

Lastly, on a break from team photos, I snuck down to where the action was and captured a few of our great athletes....

Can't believe that a fourth year is in the books! Special thanks to our awesome volunteers who keep the league running each week during the season and especially to the volunteers who help the photo process run smoothly. 

Couldn't do it without you!