In terms of scheduling, I'm so glad this peanut decided to make an early appearance. In terms of getting her Mama through labor, some of the medical staff had to fudge her progress so they were technically allowed to break her water and really get things moving. And following their gut instinct on that was the right move because things moved exceptionally fast afterwards.

Grace not only made a gracious arrival, but she was also her Mama's Valentine, born on Feb. 14th. And yes, Mama got some chocolates when delivery was completed. ;)

These hats featured below are the work of a friend of mine, Tasha Wells of K1Sew2. Glad I had Tasha make some in purple since that's Becky's favorite color! Grace was puddy in my hands so we just kept switching up the hats and angles. :) 

Allow me to explain this photo below. Johnny was enthralled with my camera and wanted nothing more than to be behind it rather than smiling for it. When a 2 year old can't have what he wants, he looks like this. And when a newborn is hungry, she looks like this. But eventually, we squeaked out a slight smile from Mr. Johnny:

Becky & Zac: Thank you so much for having me back, time and time again. Johnny was so cuddly with me (I'm sure he was schmoozing to get closer to my camera, but I'll still take it!) and wonderful. Grace did exceptionally well and I had a blast dressing her "up"! Praying for your recovery to continue to go well and your adjustment to TWO! 



PS You can view the remainder of our session HERE