Moms everywhere have probably heard the question posed to them before, "How do you do all of that?" and it's been directed my way a few times in the past couple years. Moreso pronounced since Adelaide has entered our lives. So, I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone: answer that question, but also present a new idea that I'd like to offer my clients. A condensed version of a Day in Your Life Session. 

The idea stemmed from trying to think of something new for our family photos this past November. I'd read in a photo magazine about a photographer that spends the night at her clients' home to photograph the "Night Night" routine with the kiddos and catch the first stirrings of them in the morning. She literally stays with the family a full 24 hours, capturing candid interaction between all the family members. It sparked something for our shortened time with our family's photographer, Austin.  

As my photography season was winding down, we scheduled a Sunday afternoon session with Austin and he met us at our house. Laidy was snacking, just up from a nap, so we got some kitchen table interaction. We moved outside for the late afternoon light by the lake near our home, played with some bubbles and did bath time, finishing the session in the kitchen at her desk, coloring. 

It's not glamorous by any stretch of the imagination (I'm pretty sure our school's secretary has picked some breakfast off my clothes as I've entered work more than once.) but here is a glimpse of what life is like for the Krupkes with photos from our 18month session with Austin sprinkled in. 

5:30am-Gerard's alarm goes off and he heads downstairs for time in the Word, journaling and breakfast

5:45am-my alarm goes off and I hit snooze a couple times.

6:15am-I get out of bed, dressed and get my "face" on. Gerard showers and readies himself.

6:30am-I get Laidy up and dressed. We head to the kitchen to get breakfast going and lunches packed.

7:05am-load up, drop Laidy off at daycare, drop Gerard off at the high school, park at the middle school and clock in.

7:45-lessons start and run throughout the day with a 30min lunch break. Gerard does his teacher thing to on the choral side of life. 

3:45/4:00pm-clock out, pick up Gerard, pick up Laidy at daycare

4:30pm-if the weather's nice, go for a walk down to the lake and playground

5:15pm-ready dinner while Laidy draws at her table, converses with Ella or makes a general mess of the tupperware drawer. 


6:00pm-7:00pm Play or Dance (to some elementary music "dance videos")

7:00pm-Bath Time! (We got absolutely adorable "baby butt cheek" photos, but I will spare Laidy the breech of privacy and keep it modest.) :) 

7:15/7:30pm-Read books with a sippy in tow, prayers, and Night Night. 

7:45-9:30ish pm-edit photos, clean house, hang with Gerard, snuggle with Ella, quiet time, journal. 

Like I said, nothing glamorous, but it's how stuff gets done around here. Saturdays are shooting sessions, show choir contests, Large Group Festival, or Solo Contest this time of year. We leave Sundays as a day of rest so we can recharge for the week ahead. Lather, rinse, repeat!

If you are a current client, friend or prospective client, I'd be open to doing a Day In the Life Of Session with a max of 90mins coverage. Let me know if you're interested in this option and we'll get your session on the calendar! 

Now happily booking for 2015,