He gained the nickname "The Chauffeur" because he was willing and happy to help others when they needed a ride to and from their daily events. Keli noticed Kyle's servant-minded heart for others and eventually snagged that heart to call it her's. Kyle is one of those volunteers I've raved about here before with our church's Upward Team photos and I couldn't be more honored to finally (finally!) have the chance to serve him. 

We met up at Dale Maffit Reservoir near Norwalk and enjoyed the overcast skies, allowing us to photograph anywhere and everywhere we wanted.

According to Keli & her mom, Des Moines Waterworks is using some of this reservoir's water to supplement their own resources due to the high nitrate levels in Des Moines. This worked out well for us because it resulted in lower water levels and we could easily access the beach. :)

Moving up from the beach and heading back to the car, Keli mentioned she'd brought a chauffeur hat she gifted Kyle that kinda "started it all". So, of course, we had to document where the magic began, in the Pilot with The Chauffeur. :)

Kyle + Keli-I really am so honored and thankful to be documenting your love this summer! I can only hope it is a small return on how you have served and helped me through countless Upwards photo events and long days. 

Many blessings in the final stages of planning!


PS You can view the rest of our time together HERE