Among the best compliments I can receive is when a client comes back to me year after year and what's really fun for me: a wedding couple coming back with a family in tow! After they tied the knot, Luke & Nicole moved to Firth, Nebraska (I remember that name because of Colin Firth). They've since moved to another town in Nebraska, but still have ties to Des Moines, so when Nicole asked me if I could save her from the stuffy studio that's nearer to her, I was more than ecstatic to say, "YES!!" 

Luke + Nicole have not only added one to their family, but TWO! Levi & Lucy are adorable and fun to work/play with.  They did a fantastic job despite the road trip travel and I was so pleased with the way things went.

After getting a few different family shots, we moved to get photos of Lucy and Levi individually...

While the kiddos took a break, we nabbed a few of Mom + Dad....

And brought the kiddos back together for some fun candids with Levi's favorite toy: a dump truck. I love the juxtaposition of boy & truck paired with Lucy's bow and her twirling the hair on the back of her head! So typical and so precious.

Luke + Nicole: Thank you so much for making the trek to Des Moines for our session together! I feel like we could've visited for hours over coffee and still not run out of things to chat about. That's the best thing about clients that become friends: you can pick up right where you left off and thoroughly enjoy each other's company. I so appreciate you two and your Little Ones!



PS You can view the rest of our session together HERE