Oh my goodness, I love seeing how my families/friends grow and change! I photographed Aeson last year as a newborn and to see him walking and interacting (smiles for miles!) is such a joy. Not to mention catching up with his and JoJo's awesome parents. We photographed at their house last year but they have a yard that lasts for days, so we used a different area on their property and I love the different look and results:

The facial expressions of Aeson and Jo were so fun to capture: you know it's a great session when you have ample smiles to choose from in your editing process. Jo was kept happy with snacks and flowers-what every girl wants right? And Aeson was happy with snacks and Mama. :)

After a few more family photos, we gave the kiddos a break and we got a few of just Aaron and Tasha as I always want to keep photos of parents up to date. #ExistInPhotos 

Tasha + Aaron: You guys are wonderful! I'm so thankful to call you Friend first and foremost, but to combine the joy with photographing your family? Bliss! I hope you enjoy our time together at least half as much as I do. We'll definitely have to hit up the zoo sometime for a play date and catch up more!



PS You can view the rest of Tasha + Aaron's session HERE