Photo sessions with strangers are like a box of chocolates: you never know what you're going to get. But I feel like I strike GOLD every time and make great friends along the way! Angie contacted me after seeing an ad I placed in the NICHE magazine and e-blasts and through email communication decided to meet up at Annett Nature Center near Indianola. We started in Annett's butterfly garden and when a butterfly landed on my shoulder, I knew the shoot was destined for greatness-when you see a family this awesome staring back at you, it's double confirmation. :)

Annett Nature Center has a beautiful outdoor amphiteatre-like seating area with picnic tables where you could have a large group do crafts, meals or put on a program of some kind. But it's also set against this gorgeous backdrop that I chose to highlight for photos of just Erik & Angie. When asked the last time they'd had their photos taken, their first response was, "Ummmm...engagement?" They retracted and said surely they've had photos taken between then and now, but I was still thankful they were getting their photos taken at this stage of their life and marriage. Not to mention, they're super cute together. #existinphotos

The girls had the idea to find the lake and the walk-out dock for more photos, but on our way, the cloudy skies parted and sun shone through beautifully, so we took a "pit stop" for this one. 

At family sessions, I always devote some of our time to capturing each child individually. Elise is starting her senior year this year! Then you'll see Ceris (I hope I spell that right!), Eden, and Celia. Each have such different personalities and are lovely in their own right. I also loved using the sisters not in the photo to be behind me getting an authentic smile from the one in front of my camera. They were great assistants! 

Angie + Erik: Thank you so much for gracing me with your presence! I had a wonderful time photographing your wonderful family and I hope we cross paths again very soon. Best of luck to Elise and her senior year!!



PS You can view more of their session HERE