After several emails of correspondence to discuss the walking that might be involved, Tami, Ryan, Noelle and Tyler met me at the entrance to the bike trail leading to Tressle Trail's bridge. Phew! Just saying that sentence was tiring! ;) Tyler brought what I call a scooter without handlebars, but I know there's a more hip name for it. We all got our exercise in and our smiles got a workout as we chatted like old friends along the way to the bridge. Along the way, we stopped when the light caught our tongues (instead of a cat) and this is what my camera caught: (enough of the puns, I know...)

When we made it to the bridge, we started with individual shots of Noelle (happy belated birthday my dear!), Tyler, Tami with Ryan and then the whole family. 

Tami + Ryan: Thank you so much for coming back again! I feel like we chatted more than took photo, but I thoroughly enjoyed your company and getting to know your family even better than last time. I wish you a fantastic start to the school year!!



PS You can view more of our time together HERE