He's not stylish because he works at Tommy Hilfiger. He works at Tommy Hilfiger because he's stylish. His mom and dad both attended Paul's senior photo session and I was impressed with Paul's ability to tie a bowtie. If I've met another high schooler with that ability, I'm unaware of it and haven't seen it in action until our evening together! Having both parents on tap for hilarious moments provided fantastic smiles like what you see below: 

From Valley Junction, we headed to a few places downtown for various backdrops.

I first met Paul as a 6th grader, curly red hair barely kept under control with a trombone by his side. To see him as a senior and document these photos for him is an honor and pleasure that makes both of my jobs continually so dang special. Can't you just picture him as a 6th grader hugging that t-bone? *insert collective "awwww" here*

Paul: As I said above, it's been a pleasure not only teaching you but now photographing you. Together with your parents, I feel like you three served me and encouraged my heart far more than I served you with my camera. Best of luck & grace with your senior year-I'm so proud of you!


Mrs. Krupke

PS You can view the rest of Paul's session HERE