Several of you have asked in the past who this adorable family was that I would post on my "Wordless Wednesday" posts. In the past, this family has desired to stay out of the limelight and I have respectfully adhered to that request. However, the father of this family, Greg, somewhat changed the rules of the game and gave me the go-ahead, when he creatively changed the words to Les Miserables' "One Day More".

Greg & his lovely wife, Kelsey, are teachers in the West Des Moines School District and they're two of the smartest, wittiest people I know. So, it's killed me every time I couldn't share their identities here.  Greg, in all his acumen, was able to change the words and assemble teachers to join him in a flash mob at their first district wide meeting of the year prior to the start of school. If you've followed me on Facebook, I've posted the video in a few different versions and between you and me, it made my sister tear up and me super proud! :) This family is such a supporter of my business and such good friends to our family that I couldn't be happier to give you: the mystery family reveal!!

It was time for Tommy's 9 month photos and we nabbed some full family shots throughout as well. Just like his older sister's 9 month session, we hit up Valley Junction and used the same places for comparison. When she was 9 months, Natalie was exactly this happy and my heart matched the enthusiasm for the kind of images we captured this particular morning...

one new spot for their family:

Natalie looks so grown up!

same shot that we did with Natalie...and then we added her into the mix:

Greg + Kelsey: Thank you so much for your support and friendship. My colleagues at work are probably tired of hearing your version of Les Mis floating from my office, but I can't help but be so proud of you!! (Not to mention the chords in that piece of music lift my spirits and touch anybody who has a beating heart.) Gerard & I are thankful to be doing Parenthood alongside you and it's so fun for us to watch our girls play together. 

Here's to many more musical endeavors (and a million more hits on the Youtube video!!!!)

3.4million and counting,