Stephanie has taken adventures to Chile to study abroad and both she and Andy ventured there again for their honeymoon. It was such an easy choice when considering the movie 'Up' and the adventure that Carl & Ellie wished to take together to South America...of course Stephanie + Andy's daughter would be named Ellie and her room would be decorated with "Adventure", hot air balloons, and butterflies. 

Ever the adventurer herself, Ellie didn't want to miss out on her newborn session and stayed awake for most of our time together. :)

We snagged a few of Ellie's precious details in between feedings and loves from Grandma, Mommy & Daddy...

We ended our time together upstairs in Ellie's room for a diaper change and some extra snuggles....

Steph + Andy: I hope you guys have gotten more sleep and are finding your groove as new parents. :) It was a pleasure meeting you and getting to know you! I can't wait to see how Ellie grows and changes in the next couple months. 

Welcome to the adventure of Parenthood!


PS You can view our entire session together HERE