I first photographed this precious family last fall when it was absolutely frigid outside and poor Ms. Evelyn had a pretty difficult time smiling between her teeth chattering! This time, we had every reason to be inside to document the arrival of her sweet little sister, Ms. Kate. Abbey & Brandon were at a point where they weren't sure if Evelyn would be their only child or not. But God....

I love sentences that start with "But God..." because it tells the beautiful story of God's love and blessing, fulfilled desires of the heart. Without further adieu, here is Ms. Kate, their "Bonus Baby" and Evelyn now finds it quite easy to smile as she is quite smitten in her role as older sister: 

While Evelyn & Brandon went to indulge in some mac n' cheese, we captured some sweetness with Abbey & Kate. But they didn't stay away for long!

After lots of snuggles, Kate was ready to go solo:

Abbey + Brandon: It is an honor to document your sweet miraculous Kate. What a story of God's blessing and sense of humor after a long road. You've been given a comfort with which you can comfort others and I thank you for passing that on to me. I love gaining new clients because that inevitably means that I gain new friends. Thank you for letting me into your lives and commemorating something so special.

Now go get some sleep!!
Carrie :)

PS You can view the rest of our time together HERE

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