There are unexpected perks to any job and when I meet a family for the first time, I never know which perk will be affected by broadening my friendship circles. I photographed Amanda's family of three last fall and throughout the course of this past year, we've become closer than I could have ever anticipated. An email here or there, a lunch break from work, a play date and BOOM! I have a new sister in the Motherhood circle for whom I'm so thankful. 

We met up at Winterset's City Park this time-Gerard played with Laidy while I photographed Amanda, Trevor & Graham-then Laidy & Graham become Old Chums too. :) 

Graham started out a little camera shy and wanted to explore his surroundings, so we did a few of Amanda & Trevor. About a minute into that and Graham wanted in on the action himself and the flirting never waned!

There were so many adorable ones of Graham as he loved to jump, that I just couldn't choose...

Play date photos at the bottom, but a few more of this cutie-patooty family first!

Amanda + Trevor: I'm so thankful the good Lord put you in our family's life! I have a hunch that this is the beginning of a wonderful friendship and I'm smiling at the future of our kiddos playing together a bunch. :) 

Thankful to be doing life alongside you,


PS You can view more of our session together HERE