I can't believe we started this process a full fledged EIGHT MONTHS AGO and we're wrapping up Alli's fourth senior session to represent all the seasons of the year. That whipped by so stinkin' fast! We did her other three sessions outside, soaking in the spring sun and blooms, chasing the light with sparklers, and relishing the changing colors of fall. So, with the weather a mere 10 degrees outside, we opted to stay indoors and represent the performance aspect of her high school career-highlighting show choir with this season's dresses, a poodle skirt from this fall's high school musical (Grease, where she played Sandy), and her marching band jacket, gloves, gauntlets (Drum Major), and euphonium. I love that this spunky girl holds her own in the low brass section with all the boys!

Our school district built a  B-E-A-Utiful 900+ seat auditorium a few years back and with it, added on make-up/dressing rooms. What better indoor light could you get without hauling a TON of gear?! We started there and then headed into the auditorium:

We wrapped up her accessories and gave Alli some time to be alone on stage with a solitary mic (she'll be soloing at a few show choir competitions...)

And last, but not least, we headed out really quickly to our beloved tree that we documented at each of our other sessions to fully highlight the seasons changing: 

Happiest of senior years Alli!!



PS You can view all of her sessions HERE