Oh my goodness, how this little girl has changed since we first met! A bubbly, girgly, raspberry-making cutie greeted me at the door and we had so much fun together. A 10 minute power nap mid-session doesn't hurt anyone either...;) 

Here is Ms. Ellie's 3 month session!! (Here's a game for your eye: see how many butterflies you can spy throughout the post:) )

We went from fully clothed to being fully happy with just a diaper on. I LOVE the looks I got from this sweet one!

Oh tummy time, what a love-hate relationship it can be. Looking at Mama can make everything better though!

And then there's Dad's approach....(above).... lol :)

Steph + Andy: thank you so much for having me again! Ellie did fantastic and you guys didn't do too shabby either ;) I can't wait to see how much she has grown and changed after tax season is done! See you on the other side!


PS: You can view the rest of our time together HERE.