It all started with ultimate frisbee, I think. Then it morphed to Trivia Nights and now, we've been friends so long, I'm not sure I even have the story straight. I'm sure with their brilliant minds and penchants for memorization of incredible amounts of information, Kelsey & Greg could set me aright. Musically inclined, they are also my famous friends-melding Les Miserables and the teaching profession so creatively. Gerard and I often leave their presence internally bowing down thinking, "We are not worthy." We truly have the best of friends on the planet. (With the cutest kids ever!)

There are always moments of hilarity at a session with Kelsey and Greg. This one was no different when I said that Tommy looks like a future president of the United States. Without hesitation, Greg quipped, "Vice President. Not President. Presidents get shot. Air Force Two is just as nice as Air Force One." Perfection coming from a US AP History teacher. ;) But seriously, scroll down and look at Tommy's outfit and expressions-can't you picture him doing those gestures from a podium with teleprompters?!

Kelsey + Greg: Thank you so much for yet another session in the books. You guys are fantastic friends and awesome parents to do this crazy life alongside. Thank you for EVERYTHING. 



PS You can view more of our time together HERE