There is generally at least one victory in every session. Getting the pose juuuuust right, having all children behave beautifully, being in juuuust the right place for the sunlight...In this particular session, the major victory was getting not just one or two smiles from sweet Hudson, but at least three! The challenge of a mini session for some kiddos is that they have a short span of time to warm up to the idea of having their photo taken and despite knowing me as an occasional Sunday School teacher for his group, Hudson was pretty shy. Eventually, silliness won out and he couldn't help but grin at our antics! Photography has definitely helped me be more comfortable making a fool of myself for such an occasion and the dividends are priceless.

Cory & Heidi are such a fun-loving couple. It is definitely a blessing to have their humor, good nature and genuine-ness around us and our own family! I absolutely adore how Heidi dresses Vivien and how wide Vivi's smile always is:

Cory + Heidi--You guys are so fun and I'm so glad we were able to get your family in front of my camera!! I am so thankful that Vivien and Hudson are in Sunday School with Adelaide. It's a pleasure to commiserate and navigate in this journey of parenting alongside you both! 

Have a fantastic school year!!

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