I photographed them for the first time last summer and I was so happy that Amy was up for a fall mini session this year! I still have a hard time calling Eric "Eric" because in my mind, he'll always be Dr. Saylor. I was fortunate enough to be in his class of "Babies"-his first group of freshmen in his first year of teaching at Drake. I thoroughly enjoyed each of his musicology courses as he made the history of music and music from around the world so interesting. The only way I could've enjoyed his class more is if his tests weren't so dang thorough! In all honesty, I did appreciate his tests, they covered what he said would be on there (they were fair) and as long as you put in the work, you'd come out unscathed. :)  

While I haven't interacted with his girls a ton, I can only imagine the level of intelligentsia they will achieve. And of course, the glue holding it all together is his darling wife, and equal in brains and humor, Amy. 

I remember when these girls were born and the announcements that were posted to Eric's office door-I love the way they spell Gillian and I've yet to know anyone else named Tamsin. I could totally relate to Tamsin on this shoot: they have hit the "my-younger-sister-is-so-not-cool" stage. I feel ya girl! I've been there as the younger sibling. Hang in there, it gets better-promise!! While it made for some interesting moments in their session, it also provided some hilarity in the candids: 

Dr. Saylor and Amy: Thank you so much for coming back again!! If I could clone myself and be in two places at once, I'd have one of me taking care of my house/job/wife/mom responsibilities and the other would be auditing your class du jour for the fun of it (without the tests!) Until then, I'll see you next time or at the next Drake concert!!



PS You can view more of our time together HERE