I was surprised to see Lizzy working at the zoo one day a few summers ago, but once I asked her about her future plans after high school, it totally made sense. Mentioning the zoo will garner a plethora of information about each of the animals residing there, who are her favorites, and what character trait amuses her most about each of them. She and my daughter would get along swimmingly (pun intended) as they both love the sea lions. The only difference? Lizzy has had the opportunity to pet them and knows them by name. She seeks to pursue marine biology studies somewhere on the east coast (leaning towards Coastal Carolina) and I can totally picture her adding a bit of a southern drawl and adding y'all to her vocabulary. 

Without any further adieu, here are some of my favorites from Lizzy's senior session!!

We were headed in one direction, but a 10 minute train made us detour to one additional spot while we waited for it to pass. I'm so thankful for detours that look like this!

As we were headed to a spot on the east side of Des Moines, this wall caught my eye and Lizzy's mom righted our course to find a parking spot. I LOVE carpooling with my senior clients so that I can have my eye out for spots such as this, while the driver looks out for traffic and parking!

We made it to our final destination of our time together and, even though it was the first week of November, we finished Lizzy's time barefoot. (In IOWA?! gasp!) What a gorgeous day and lovely young lady to capture!

Lizzy + Jaki: Thank you so much for a lovely day! I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know both of you more as we drove around and I'm excited to hear where Lizzy lands. Marine biology is clearly something she's passionate about and I love watching former students find their calling. 

All my best on the rest of your school year and education to come!


PS You can view more of our time together HERE