I've had the pleasure of teaching these two young ladies for the last two and a half years now and I must say that, if I'm ever feeling cruddy on their lesson day, knowing I get to see them has helped me get out of bed.  Their mamas have worked together since before the girls were born, had these girls born just two days apart, and have vacationed together so often that to test them on Disney trivia is an easy A+.  Laidy has thoroughly enjoyed getting to know these two and we are bringing them in as the next generation of babysitters for our family. 

Long story short, Abby, Eva and I made a bargain over a few school related items and part of the deal was a Friendship Photo Session. We had a blast together and made some great memories along the way: 

Long ago, Abby's mom told me she is probably destined to be a social worker. I've seen it come to life in the band room as she becomes the Mother Hen to a struggling student in her section, she keeps them in line, helps them with music, fingerings, rhythms, etc. She really is a friend to all around her and has the sweetest heart. Gorgeous inside (most importantly) and out:

Eva's quick wit makes me laugh outloud with that embarrassing "Bwaaaah!" kind of laugh because it can catch me so off guard. Even after knowing her as long as I have, she come into the conversation with a ringer out of left field and have me chuckling the rest of the day. She just might eek out Valedictorian of her class and I could totally see her as a District Attorney, heck, maybe even a judge. The first photo in this series is so completely her, I "Bwaaaah"ed when I saw it on my computer while editing. She doesn't even have to physically be in the room and she still gets me laughing!

One last quick spot of a different kind before heading home:

Girls-I hope you are always the best of friends-don't ever let a boy come between you two. The friendship you have is rare and definitely something special for which to fight. Thank you for being such wonderful students and awesome people to boot. It's been a pleasure and an honor to be a small part of your lives. 

Mrs. Krupke

PS You can view the rest of our time together HERE