Gerard has had the pleasure of working alongside Mrs. Ward for his first 10 years of his career. Spending that much time with someone, you are bound to share some of Life together. We were blessed to be invited to Alexis and Jeremy's (Mrs. Ward's son) wedding several years ago and we've watched along the sidelines while Jeremy completed and defended his phD in some sort of physics that's well beyond the scope of my understanding. While they are currently based out of Washington D.C., he and Alexis made the trip home not only for a friend's wedding, but to have their precious son, Aiden, baptized with lots of extended family present. Mrs. Ward thought it the perfect time to photograph everyone in attendance (including great-grandparents!) and I couldn't have agreed more.

While he may have been scowl-y in his close-up, Aiden really was a calm and cool dude throughout our time together!

Alexis' immediate family:

We added in the parents from both sides, and all great-grandparents that made the trek down to Norwalk: 

After nabbing the largest group shot of the day, we pared it down to Jeremy's immediate family (above) and then just the gents (below):

Jeremy + Alexis: Congratulations you two! I feel like I know you in a way that's a smidge less than "stalker-esque" from what Mrs. Ward brags on you. :) So great to finally photograph you!

Mrs. Ward: Thank you so much for having me and for rounding the troops to make the morning go smoothly as possible. You have a lovely family that you have every right to be proud of!  So happy to serve you in this way and that we still cross paths in your retirement!



PS You can view the remainder of our time together HERE