It always excites me to widen my client circles, but this family actually broadens my social circle while teaching me about my husband too. (Bonus brownie points!) Rob went to high school with Gerard and little did I know, that Gerard helped Rob's transition to a new school go smoothly. With the friends Gerard has, and still has to this day, that didn't surprise me at all. Well, go figure, Rob & his sweet wife Allison live just a couple blocks from us-that DID surprise me! I forecast play dates in our future for sure. 

They were such troopers for our time together-it was so windy, I was literally almost knocked over, I can't imagine how little Mr. Charlie felt in the gusts. But he never cried-perhaps he was shivering too hard towards the end to muster tears, and that's when we called it a wrap. But we managed to nail several great family shots in the process and in between big gusts. 

Yes, it was THIS windy: 

I've used this spot of our state's capitol a lot lately, but each family enjoys the view because it highlights where they live. The juxtaposition of a family of three against a big city is also food for thought. :)  Shots like these make me feel like it's the little family against the world and it's totally going to be just fine.

So cool story: Rob has a friend with certain connections at NBC and the seamstress for Prince George. Yes, THEE Prince George, offspring of Duchess Kate & Prince William. Any outfit this particular seamstress makes for Prince George, she makes a few extra duplicates and somehow, Rob landed one of them for his own Mr. Charlie. This made me extra happy that we chose a somewhat regal looking backdrop to go along with the royal threads:

Rob + Allison: Thank you so much for sticking out the weather with me and making the best of our time together. I had a blast getting to know you and have no doubt we'll be getting together more often in the future-I'm sure you have ample stories of Gerard that you'd love to share! ;) 



PS You can view more of our time together HERE