This family has been with me since I photographed their wedding and I love that I'm now photographing their second baby. Carrie and I each had our first children within days of each other, so I wasn't able to photograph Isaac's newborn photos, but this time, it didn't line up so closely together and I had the pleasure of meeting sweet Ronan in his first week of life. The dynamic of a newborn session with an older sibling in the mix is always so different than a couple's first child, because I get to take fun candids of the older sibling playing on my posing bean bag. I feel it helps them warm up to the idea of having their photo taken and gives us an opportunity to explain how they get to hold their new sibling.

Carrie had knitted this swaddle sack for Isaac and forgotten it existed when Isaac was new, but she found it afresh for Ronan and it worked great! I love incorporating special things that make each family's shoot unique and helps tell their specific story: 

A few details and photos with Carrie & John...

Carrie & John (& Isaac!): Thank you so much for bringing me into your lives yet again for dear Ronan! I hope your recovery continues to go well and you have a smooth transition to being a family of FOUR!! 



PS You can view the rest of our time together HERE