Though we don't get to see each other often, this family is near and dear to my heart. After watching their relationship blossom to having photographed their wedding and now photographing their sweet children. Abby is a spunky, smart almost 4yr old and warming up to being the best sister ever to sweet, yet very communicative, Evelyn. :)

After Abby had had her fill of Evelyn, she went off to dance on the smooth hardwood floor while Cindy finished up a bottle to drift Evelyn off to sleep:

Oh milk comas, you are so good!!

Some interactions with Daddy, Greg:

Greg + Cindy: Thank you for letting me into your home and lives all those years ago! It's always encouraging to be around parents with similar aged children and hear how things are going in your world. Abby is gorgeous and Evelyn equally so. Can't wait to see how their personalities mesh and fit into your new family of FOUR!!! 

Blessings in the transition, 


PS You can view the remainder of their session HERE