After photographing these sweet friends of mine on their wedding day, their first born Westin, I have the sincere pleasure of watching their family grow again with a little girl, Ms. Ezri. She was a rock star throughout our time together and I believe she takes the cake for wearing the most accessories in her blog debut. The green blanket was made by a family member as was the white hat with frills. I love it when families bring their own special items to the table for a session-it helps tell their story and shares the legacy of their family: 

After Westin had had his fill, we brought Dayna & Cole in front of the lens. A brief poop incident stalled us for a moment, but we got what we needed! (The poop action happened as I was changing a lens, otherwise, it would've been a fantastic shot of Cole's surprised expression.) 

I love Cole & Dayna's house because, as you enter, they have a church pew along the left wall where guests can put their things or their shoes back on before they exit. Someday, this blank wall might be filled with family photos, but for now, I was thankful for the blank slate. :) Dayna & Cole had mentioned that Ezri was either sleeping or awake and crying. She had yet to be awake and content, until this special moment looking up at her dear Mama. What a gift!! Dayna soaked it in and asked it be documented. 

I love how the dynamics of a newborn session shift when it's a younger sibling. Dads always come to the rescue to occupy the old sibling, so while Dayna was soaking in some content awake time with Ezri, this is what was happening about 10 feet away with Cole & Westin. What a reward for a being such a good helper and loving Big Brother! :) Wheeeee!

Cole & Dayna-You guys are truly the best. It's so fun to watch your family grow and see you grow as parents and as a couple. Your children are truly blessed to have you and I pray for a complete and swift recovery and transition as a family of FOUR!



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