This family has become near and dear to my heart. You've seen them here before on the blog so you might remember that Andrea is our family's doctor and I've taught Abby for going on three years now. Doctors fill you in on the necessary health facts for your child and they guide you through what you need to know as a parent. Among all those weight/height/head circumference percentages, at Adelaide's first appointment at 4 days old, Andrea made it clear to Gerard that Adelaide needed to know the names of the Disney princesses in short order. Mission accomplished! Rain on the original weekend of their session almost kept us from capturing Ewing Park's lilac blooms, but we managed to squeeze it in a few days later. Lilacs photographed? Mission accomplished!

Andrea has commented to me before that the age difference between Abby & Carson puts Abby in somewhat of a mothering role to him sometimes. Seeing Abby literally lick her thumb to get something off Carson's face? I had to document that part of their relationship! (above) 

The light was absolutely lovely on the evening we got together: 

JB + Andrea: Thank you so much for continually letting me photograph you and members of your family! I thoroughly enjoy our time together each opportunity I can have and it's been a blessing to me life to have you in it. Charge ahead to the end of the school year!

PS You can view the rest of our time together HERE