I'm going to be real for just a moment. If not for being my neighbors, I might not gravitate to be good friends with Katie & Jeremy. And it's completely my fault. I often let first impressions rule my future with people and the house next door to us has had some interesting characters and scary dogs that charge the fence at our pup one too many times. So, when Katie & Jeremy moved in with a big black lab, I found myself stand-offish because of my preconceived notions that "no one approachable is ever going to live next door to us!" Thankfully, that's definitely not the case with these two and their dog is so docile, he makes mini-schnauzer-Ella look like a pit-bull. Not to mention, they have a really cute and kind 3 year old boy that has befriended Laidy too. 

So, when Katie mentioned that it was time to update their frames at home, I was more than happy to slip them into my schedule: 

You guys are way too cute!

Jericho, I'm so thankful Laidy has a boy-next-door such as you:

Katie + Jeremy: In more ways than one, you have taught me so many things about my own judgemental thoughts and following actions. Thank you for loving on our family multiple times and for caring for us even if I seemed stand-off-ish or aloof. You've broken the trend in that home and I'm so thankful to have you near! Thank you for showing me how to love without prejudice or preconditions.


PS You can view the rest of our time together HERE