I am so thrilled to be knee deep in senior photos for the Class of 2017! Every session has been so different and I always learn something new about the student, their family, a particular hobby they enjoy etc. Case in point: I had no idea that Ms. Natalie was into Harleys! Her mom and step-dad each have one and Natalie looked super comfortable as she sat astride one downtown Des Moines last week for our time together. The colors she wore, the color of the Harley and the mural behind were just awesome to put together. Who knew that the shy and quiet 6th grade clarinet player I saw in middle school would assume this sassy, biker-chick, fun personality?!

**Disclaimer: Parents, be ready to shine your pearly whites my way on your senior's session too! Whomever is with your student will get a shot with him/her!!

We parted from "the hog" and headed to Valley Junction area for some different backdrops and to incorporate Natalie's love of music as well:

Natalie-your smile and your laugh are so contagious! Not to mention, your eyes are absolutely stunning. I loved capturing them up close with the twinkle in them and with some serious undertones too. :)

Carla + Natalie: Thank you so much for scouting out spots you wanted to use that helped make your session unique and just right for Natalie. I had a blast with the motorcycle (the burn on my leg is almost healed!) I hope you enjoyed your time and the results-Natalie, you truly are a stunning young lady and I wish you all the best (and safety!) in your desire to go into law enforcement after high school! 



PS You can view more of our time together HERE.