You've seen Amanda and Trevor several times here on the blog, so when Amanda's grandma Sherry requested a larger scale family reunion session, I was more than happy to meet all of Amanda's loved ones. Amanda's brother was slated to get married the day after our time together and while their wedding photographer would capture the immediate family photos, there probably wasn't going to be an opportunity to get photos of everyone.

Together, Gene & Sherry have six children, all with children of their own and Amanda is the first to gift them with a great-grandchild. Ironically enough, Amanda & Trevor delivered a second great-grandchild the day before this session happened, so they missed this shoot, but made the wedding on their discharge day from the hospital! We met at the location of the wedding, after the rehearsal and dinner had been completed at beautiful Ledges State Park and as folks finished up eating, we photographed their family units. Here are just a few highlights: 

The gang's all here (except Amanda, Trevor and Baby!)

A few other fun facts-Gene & Sherry met when Sherry was just 16 and Gene impressed her with his 1949 car during their first date. It sounds like the atmosphere of their date, the car, and the company combined to have Sherry fall in love with him right then and there. Total up 55 years of wedding bliss, a lot of different cars to drive, and as Sherry puts it, "We've had a great tour!" 

Gene + Sherry: Thank you so much for having me out to capture your family! They are a hilarious bunch and I'm sure there's never a dull moment. So thankful everyone was able to make it out for the big celebration of not only David's wedding, your 55 years together, and your son's 50th birthday, but also to meet the newest addition to the family. What an incredible time to all be together! It was my pleasure to meet everyone, 


PS You can view more of our time together HERE