It's still hard for me to fathom that more than 10 years have past since Lauren and I have shared an apartment, and because she had a window AC unit, a bedroom. It's also still hard for me to fathom that she is a proud mama to three wonderful boys, but it's not at all a surprise that they are growing into awesome Little Men. Together, Lauren & Shawn are doing a fantastic job of raising these two rambunctious and one contemplative little people and I couldn't have been happier to photograph them this particular hot morning. 

Iowa has encountered a hotter than usual June and I was so thankful they could do their photo session in the morning before the weather truly became "weather you can wear".  (Someone tell me that July won't be as bad?) Thankfully, you can't tell how humid it was by the smiles on these faces! 

Nathan, Christian and Zeke are awesome, as I've mentioned before, but to get a little smile or smirk out of Zeke was definitely the accomplishment of the morning. I love the photo directly above and the ones directly below for just that reason! 

I always give the kiddos a break to photograph Mom & Dad and then bring them in for a few last ideas...

Lauren + Shawn: Thank you so much for coming back again and again! It's always good to "shoot" you, but, more importantly to me, also catch up with you. Even though we don't get to see each other near often enough, I'm so thankful to be doing Parenthood alongside you, gleaning wisdom from just our short time together. But even MORE than that? I'm thankful we both have upgraded from that apartment room's one window AC unit. ;) 


PS You can view more of our time together HERE

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