I highlighted her extended family last week, and now you get to meet the reason why Amanda played hookie from her family reunion's photos! Blaine Christopher was born the day before the reunion session and long before that one was on the books, she had asked me to photograph Baby on their Discharge Day from the hospital. Not having had a fabulous Discharge Day personally, I always left it open to Amanda to change her mind. But the day of, she was ready to go and excited for my camera. We photographed her family rather quickly because in the span of 4 hours, they needed to be discharged, drop things off at home, and head to her brother's wedding where Graham was to be the Ring Bearer. Talk about a BIG day! 

We made quick work of it and Blaine was a trooper-the youngest newborn I've ever photographed besides my own child! And Amanda, need I say it? You are beeeeeyond gorgeous: 

While Amanda's parents were helping the wedding day's logistics move forward, Trevor's folks were in charge of Graham and brought him to the hospital for these photos and also, so they could all go home together. What a fabulous team effort by both sides!!! And Graham was just too cute for words (if you look closely, he and Trevor are making about the same face just below...) 

We did a few quick photos of Blaine on the hospital bed with a few wraps that Amanda brought with her. Poor little guy had been fussed over for a procedure just moments before I arrived, so we did just two quick things and figured he'd be well over his stimulation tolerance for the day (not to mention the wedding he'd be traveling to later). 

He truly is Trevor's mini-me and I wanted to get Trevor in on the action too: 

Amanda + Trevor: Thank you so much for inviting me into such an intimate family moment! It was an honor to meet Mr. Blaine and watch your family grow. The ease at which you handled all the events surrounding his birth amaze me-kudos for how you juggled everything!! Excited for our boy babes to have play dates in the future while Graham and Laidy are running around too! 



PS You can view all of our images from this time together HERE