She first started out on flute in 6th grade, but her astute musical ear lent itself to become a french horn player upon entering high school. Despite playing horn, Juliana really marches to the beat of her own drum and I greatly admire a young lady who can do that throughout her high school career, seemingly without flinching. We started her session with another instrument love of her's in our high school's auditorium and I'm so thankful for the muscles we had behind the scenes (her dad and Gerard!) to move the piano and dust it off (thank you Rhonda!)

We put things away in the auditorium and headed out to the Sculpture Park downtown where together, Juliana and her dad, Mark, showed me all sorts of new ways to look at the statues and artwork there. 

Juliana: Thank you so much for having me out to document the start of your senior year! I really appreciate your flexibility and openness to new ideas for your photos and your ability to have fun, no matter the heat or humidity. We need more students like you, and we especially need more young ladies like you in the sciences. Best of luck as you pursue physics in college-I know you're going to astound and amaze those around you.


Mrs. Krupke

PS You can view the rest of our time together HERE