Some of my clients/friends see me on a yearly basis and it's so fun to me to see how much their kiddos change in what feels like a short time. Miss Jordan is taller and Mr. Aeson has so much more hair (& curls!!!). No matter what though, you can tell their smiles have stayed true and easy to come by. 

I always aim to get the family photo first and if the kiddos need a break, we take them one at a time for individuals or photograph Mom & Dad to give all the kiddos a break. In this case, as long as her flowers were with her, JoJo was content as could be!

And as long as he was running or with Mama, Aeson was perfectly happy as well: 

This session happened just before the Father's Day weekend, so I wanted to be sure to highlight Aaron with his kiddos too: 

Tasha + Aaron: Thank you so much for seeing me again and again, for your flexibility with scheduling and patience for decent weather! Your kiddos are amazing (but you already knew that) and I love getting to visit with you both throughout our time together. 

Until next year!!!

PS You can view the rest of our session HERE