Maggie has always been a quiet, diligent, smart cookie and I have loved watching her grow up through the music program at Norwalk High School. It's so fun for me to see a timid 6th grader gain confidence in their abilities and mature into young adult-hood. Maggie is now leading the pack in show choir and color guard for marching band, not to mention the flute section in the "off season". She's a joy to be around and she was especially fun to photograph to commemorate her senior year. (And no, I didn't edit her blue eyes at all!)

We hit a few different places downtown before heading to a spot with great shade and a great breeze.

So, the first attempt wasn't a hit and we squeaked out our second attempt with these numbers to document her class of 2017. In our first try, the "1" flew the coop and in our second attempt, the new "1" broke free of it's ribbon tie, despite having tied it to a shoe to keep it down. We nabbed a few photos with it before it's escape, thankfully!!

Maggie (+ Deb): Thank you so much for having me and for working out a second try with those numbers so quickly! I hope you have a fantastic rest of your summer and a smooth senior year. Best of luck in the college-choosing process and in settling on an area where you can serve students with disabilities best. Education needs people like you!!! 


PS You can view the rest of our time together HERE