As friends found out we were having a boy, the inevitable next question would be, "Do you have a name picked out?" Most of the time, we'd just say "yup!" and sometimes, I would reply, "It's locked and loaded!" grinning to myself that the person asking had just heard half of his name without knowing it. :) Oh, silly jokester that I am. 

Essentially, we had known for quite awhile that we wanted to honor my dad if we had a boy (poor man had only daughters). We had honored Gerard's dad with Adelaide's middle name, Leigh as Grandpa's middle name is the masculine form: Lee. Between my dad's first and middle name options, we liked Joseph best and were then on the hunt for a first name that went along with it. 

Gerard says he wanted to marry me because I laughed at his jokes. So it's only fitting that the first inspiration for our son's name came from the show 'Last Comic Standing'. One of the comedians that made it quite far in the competition was named Laughlin (pronounced Lock-lin). I, personally, don't remember this encounter with the name, nor its spelling, but I came across the name during a CSI episode-one of the actors' names in real life was Lochlyn. So, when I would journal about our pregnancy and pray for our son by name, I always spelled it Lochlyn. 

Cue our time in the triage room where we are waiting for an available labor/delivery room to be cleaned and we are filling out the paperwork for a new human to enter the world. It asks for your child's name. There was a slight debate on the spelling and ultimately, we went with Lochlyn because we could then shorten it to "Loch" as a nickname, not "Laugh". :) 

After he was born and name revealed to family, my sister claimed rights to dub his nickname and knighted him "Lucky" because he narrowly missed a c-section and more importantly, he is a baby after two miscarriages. We consider ourselves incredibly lucky and blessed. Not only do we have two beautiful and healthy children, I've got a stud-muffin for a husband who worked on his pushups this pregnancy... ;)

There you go! Lochlyn Joseph. :) 


Photo cred: first several, mine. Last 4 belong to Austin Day. :)