I'm so thankful for this family's flexibility! As I was nearing the end of pregnancy with Lochlyn, they agreeably moved their session date so I could put my feet up more and hopefully, slow down contractions. We had the location already picked out, just moved the session to a different time of day (a challenge to find shade!), but the spot is a hint at the family's love of all sports, mainly though, baseball. Here in Des Moines, we've got the Iowa Cubs who feed into Chicago and Nick can probably tell you anything you ever needed to know about the team and then some (and about any other team too!). 

We had a great time a week ago updating their family photos and honoring their love of the game at the Cubs' stomping grounds: Principal Park.

After the first few family groupings, we let the boys run and blow off some steam while I caught a few of Nick and Elaine. The boys weren't long before they wanted to join in the fun again though!

Brecker, you're hilarious! And Carson-I love your goofiness!

Nick + Elaine: Thank you so much for everything!! I so enjoy your family's relaxed approach to photos and the silliness that ensues. Thank you for coming back year after year-it's an honor! 


PS You can view the rest of our time together HERE.