Her Mama and Daddy work at my old stomping grounds (Drake) and she's steadily becoming more comfortable in front of the camera. Little Miss Charlie (short for Charlotte) is a girl after my own heart as her love for purses is growing steadily as well. She had to accessorize during our time together and it totally played into our location-what a happy accident and a happy girl about town! And those cheeks were killing me the whole time. :)

We try to work for the posed ones first, give the kiddos a break and do some candid ones at play, then round out the session with a different angle or two. I love the feel of this little City Girl ready to take on the world (or just Des Moines) with her parents in tow:

Again, those cheeks!

Sara + Tom: You guys are awesome! Thank you so much for coming back and trying something new with me. Charlie is a doll and so fun to work with! Enjoy the changing colors at work-Drake's trees are always so beautiful this time of year. :) 


PS You can view more of our time together HERE