Oh how excited I was to meet this little peanut! A sweet girl with three older brothers to protect her (and make her rough n' tough)! You've seen this family numerous times on the blog, so they really need no introduction. Elena Grace however, is making her debut and our session started after a yummy feeding with Lauren. So, we just kept her in Lauren's arms and let her get good and asleep....I love the few that we got with just Lauren and Shawn but you can see their boys in the background in their kitchen-coloring, doodling, quietly keeping themselves occupied waiting for their turn...

Then we got Nathan, Christian and Zeke in the shot. We made sure that each brother got a turn holding Elena too: 

Lauren took me upstairs to Elena's room and oh, it was so sweet and girly! I loved the blossoming trees and fun headbands with matching swaddle blankets. We caught Elena mid-sneeze and she doesn't like to be swaddled, so we moved quickly!

Lauren + Shawn: Thank you so much for your laid back approach to photos and for trusting me so lovingly with your children's milestones! Elena is a beauty and I'm so glad we got photos in when we did. :) Praying for your continued good recovery and transition to a family of SIX!!

PS You can view more of our time together HERE.