Oh how gracious this family has been with me! And man, are they able to see the best in any situation. Full disclosure here folks, I forgot my primary camera body at home for this family's photo shoot! Thankfully, we arrived to their session early enough that I had time to run home and grab it and still return on time and they let their dog out of the van for a romp through the grasses in the meantime. That's a first for my business and hopefully, a LAST! But it was a loving reminder that I truly do have the most understanding and BEST clients as friends and friends as clients. 

Ben + Amber-you are simply the best and I couldn't appreciate you more! Now, on to your adorable family: 

Beckett & Reid always give me a run for my money. Now, I'm just smarter and make it a game for them to run to me. ;)

Ben & Amber: Blessings on your FULL school year and enjoy this holiday season! 

Humbly at your service, 

PS You can view more of our time together HERE.