This couple played a pivotal role in my life when it mattered most my freshman year of college. Living on an all-girl dorm floor certainly had its fair share of drama and left me alone for quite a bit of my first semester 1800 miles from home.

One Sunday morning at church, Sarah slipped a note into my lap asking simply, "Chocolate or vanilla?" And I wrote back, "Swirl." Later that evening, I heard rustling coming down my hallway and low and behold a group of about 5 people came into my dorm room, lit birthday cake candles quietly and sang Happy Birthday. In between tears of gratitude, I blew out the candles wishing for these friends to stay forever. We opened the windows to get the burnt candle smell out of the room and dug in to a chocolate cake and vanilla frosting. Ironically, my birthday is also the anniversary of Matt finding out he had diabetes as a child, so while he was watching his sugar levels on his pancreas, the sugar levels for me hit the spot on my lonely heart and the friendships in that room were cemented forever.  

Little did I know that night that Matt & Sarah would later become an item, marry, and Sarah would be due with their first child the week after Gerard & I got married. They now have three amazing children, Mason is 10, Desi is 8 and Neil is a rambunctious third child. :) I'm still pinching myself that they've now been in front of my camera.

Be still my heart!

Seriously, in awe of God's goodness....

Matt + Sarah: Thank you for everything you've been to my life-you both were the catalyst for a lot of good change in my years at Drake. Always pointing me to the Word and what the Lord would have for me. While I miss seeing you on a regular basis, I know God has each of us in the right places and that's the safest place to be. :) 

Blessings on your holiday season!

PS You can view more of our time together HERE.