The good Lord knows when Stacy's coming to Iowa because He delivers snow just for her and her son, Soren. And just like the book, When You Give a Mouse a Cookie, one thing leads to another and When You Give Stacy Snow, she'll want a photo session. Even though it was roughly 20 degrees out and windy. We did our best to capture Soren, Stacy and their extended family members as quickly as possible and all party members were such troopers!!!

You wouldn't know that they live in Florida now because you could tell Soren enjoyed the snow, just not the wind the was whipping. Grandpa, however, is definitely a Floridian by choice for the warmer climate!! lol :) Again, everyone was such a troop to help Stacy capture what she wanted while the whole family was together. 

Aunt Min, as they call her, is the lone Iowa resident and loves on her nephew while being adventurous too. A mini ice-skating lesson (minus the ice skates) and we hoped back in the car to thaw!

Carriker Clan-Thank you so much for braving the chilly temps to capture this moment when you were all together. Thank you for making it work with my schedule and location too! You guys are wonderful and I'm so grateful for cheerleaders like you in my corner, rooting me on in this business of mine. 

Praying for you all,