Someplace funky. That's what Randi wanted to find for their family session. I'm pretty sure we have different definitions of "funky", but we went someplace we've never been and enjoyed the thrills of climbing unstable, crumbling tree trunks. Perfect for an inquisitive 4 year old. Logan has a January birthday so to avoid snowfall/poor weather/freezing temps, we waited till March (ha!) to do his 4 year old photos and landed at Jester Park. :) 

As if the thrills of the log climbing weren't enough, we wanted to find a few more that had a better position to our light source (aka the Sun). 

After working his core muscles for balancing, we ended our time together on the playground (our bribery for Logan's smiles) and caught some candids in the process. 

Now that she's let the cat outta the bag officially, that "4" that's under Logan's foot up there is not just for his new age, but they will become a family of 4 come September! Congratulations you guys!!!

Praying for a sweet outcome and smooth transition to a family of FOUR!


PS You can view the rest of our time together HERE.